What is the State of the Drone Industry in 2020 and What Does Its Future Look Like?

The market outlook for drones is promising – based on various research made for the past several years, one of which was made this year in July, the Drone Market Report for 2020-2025. The report paints a bright future. Look at these highlights of the report, some of which are:

  • According to the Drone Market Report 2020, the global drone market will grow from $22.5 billion in 2020 to over $42.8 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 13.8%.
  • Service is and will continue to be the largest segment of the drone industry, but the software is the fastest growing.
  • The Asian market has now taken over the North American one as the largest regional drone market in the world. This is partly due to the sustained growth of Chinese and Japanese drone markets, but also due to the significant growth of the Indian drone market.

One of the previous reports on the state of the drone industry is this, which predicted that the fastest growth opportunity would come from businesses and civil governments.

Now an insider’s look at the drone industry comes from this exclusive interview with Cynthia Huang, the New VP of Enterprise Business Development at Auterion, where she talks about what an open-source ecosystem can do for the industry, among others.

I think one thing to look at is just the impressive growth of the drone industry itself. COVID put some things to a screeching halt but it has also accelerated the adoption of drones and the industry in a lot of ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This has resulted in a very sharp increase in demand for drones and drone technology that outpaces what a single manufacturer, even one as dominant as DJI, is really able to keep up with.

Meanwhile, here’s a new drone on the block, and of a different kind: the Smellicopter.

Now a team led by the University of Washington has developed Smellicopter: an autonomous drone that uses a live antenna from a moth to navigate toward smells. Smellicopter can also sense and avoid obstacles as it travels through the air. The team published these results Oct. 1 in the journal IOP Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. – Read more.

So there it is. The drone industry is poised to continue its growth, despite a momentary halt caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – what with lockdowns and social distancing. Still, research and development in drone technology goes on, the market will see new generations and breeds of drones, and your favorite drones will still enjoy brisk sales.

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