The Best of Drone News Today from Around the Web

Here are some interesting drone stories gathered over the weekend from around the web.

Flamethrower Drone Used By Chinese Volunteers to Wipe Out Wasp Nests

A drone has been converted into a flying flamethrower in central China in a fiery campaign to eradicate more than 100 wasp nests. Blue Sky Rescue, a volunteer group that conducts search and rescue and other emergency work, has teamed up with villagers in Zhong county near the city of Chongqing. – Read more.

Watch the video below:

Combination of Dance and Drones to Create Awesome Art

Sue Healey’s cross-fertilising of dance and drones continues to develop in her film Circumstance. It’s a fast-moving look at movement in fabulous locations, often with an exhilarating bird’s eye view. […] Led by guest artists Allie Graham and Billy Keohavong, dancers from the Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year 2020 offer vigorous action that is captured and re-shaped as an ensemble by a swooping drone in the hands of Ken Butti. – Read more.

Drones to Deliver Covid-19 Vaccine to Poor Remote Areas in the Caribbean and Latin America

The Miami International Airport is at a key crossroads in the effort to distribute shots quickly to the masses in the U.S. and its poor neighbors to the south, according to a report by Bloomberg. The report said that last Friday, the US FDA granted emergency authorization for the vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. […]shipments originating in Europe and Asia will transit through Miami on flights bound for Brazil or Jamaica, where warehouses are being prepared for distribution. For trickier corners of the region, Pineda said remote-control aircraft could be the answer. […]“It’s not the preferred option for large-scale distribution but it might be a new tool that the supply chain has in its pocket.” – Read more.

Boeing’s Tests Flight Its MQ-25 Tanker Drone with an Attached Refueling Pod

Boeing has flown a test version of its MQ-25 tanker drone with a refueling pod attached for the first time, taking it one step closer to topping up military aircraft. The 2.5-hour flight showed that the autonomous drone’s aerodynamics were sound with the wing-mounted pod it’s expected to carry much of the time. – Read more.

In a related news, the flight tests of the device will be carried out over a year and a half. Such checks will allow to obtain complete information about the operation of all drone systems, including the refueling one, as well as modify them. – Read more.

Drone Aids Police in Search of Intruders at a Decommissioned UK Power Station

POLICE were called out following a report of intruders on-site at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station last night. Assisted by a Drone Unit a thorough search of the area was carried out from the air by Drone Pilots as well as officers on the ground. – Read more.


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