Three Types of Drone Photography to Get Acquainted With

There are different kinds of photography, but only some of them use drones. This post shares three types of drone photography you want to get acquainted with.


The most popular is aerial photography. Aerial photography is done by shooting from above using a camera mounted, or hand held, from an aircraft, helicopter, balloon, rocket, kite, skydiver or similar vehicle. The French photographer and balloonist Nadar was the first person to do this in 1858.

Within this field are different types of drone aerial photography:

  • Real estate drone photography
  • Sports/ motion photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Studio lighting for photoshoots
  • Wedding photography

LANDSCAPE (Natural) Drone Photography

There is also natural landscape drone photography. Following are what two landscape photography experts have to say.

From one aerial landscape and cityscape photographer: The best thing about photographing with drones is the freedom. Freedom to reach the height, angles and perspective you’ve never even dreamt of reaching before.[…] Moreover, he continues to write landscape photography with a drone is basically similar to shooting “normal” landscapes with any kind of camera. – Read more here.

A more detailed article gives you pointers on shooting natural landscapes with a drone, including different types of camera drones for each level of skill and needs. According to the article, the camera drones used in natural landscape photography is rotor-based. The vast majority of those are quad-copters (i.e. mini-helicopters with 4 propellers), but not all. There are hexa-copters (6-prop) and octo-copters (8-prop) out there as well. They are sometimes known as VTOL drones, for “Vertical Take-Off and Landing”.  

However, despite the great opportunities provided by drones to take amazing natural landscape shots, there are as well disadvantages and limitations. These include:

  • Dependence on battery power
  • Limited range
  • Limited flight altitude
  • Limited flight speed

Knowing of such problems can help you plan your shoot well and in selecting the proper tool for your natural landscape photos.

If landscape photography is your primary reason for buying a drone, you should focus on drones with larger sensors and greater pixel resolutions. 1-inch sensors offer good image quality while keeping the weight and size of the drone to a minimum. – Read more tips here.


Underwater drone photography is just as extraordinary as the other types of photography using drones. Underwater photography can also be categorised as an art form and a method for recording data. Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques.(Wikipedia)

Imagine taking photographs underwater without getting wet. That is what underwater drones are for, allowing you to explore and navigate the world deep down. This article shares some considerations when choosing underwater drones. You need to think of their features and price.

According to the review article, they recommend Geneinno’s Titan Underwater Camera Drone. It is a top-quality model that offers high-resolution images and exceptional control. Its features are:

  • Outstanding depth capability of 492 feet.
  • Records 4K video with up to 64GB storage, and 1,080-pixel live streaming.
  • Six thrusters offer smart hover, holding precise depth and position in current.
  • Four-hour run time.

For more of underwater drones that are among the best for 2020, read this article which features 7 of these:

  • Blueye Pioneer
  • PowerDolphin
  • BIKI
  • iBubble
  • Navatics MITO
  • Gladius

Whatever drone photography art form you choose, there is a suitable drone for your specific needs. Here is a guide to help you in choosing the right drone for you and your photography.

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