Know the Top Underwater Drones for 2020 – 2021

Whether for scientific exploration and research, ocean mining, or underwater photography, drones can do an efficient job. Yet you may wonder if these drones are the same ones used on air. Not really.

Here is an excerpt to explain this. Like aerial drones, which are categorized under multiple names and acronyms (UAV, UAS, etc.), underwater drones have more than one designation. Already mentioned is UUV, which, again, stands for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle and denotes just that—any underwater craft that can operate beneath the water without direct human input. UUV is often used as a general term that encompasses two subcategories of drones: Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). […]The final type of UUV is a subset of the AUV classification, known as a Diver Propulsion Device (DPV); it’s also referred to as a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV), Underwater Propulsion Vehicle (UPV), or underwater scooter.

Now let us look at which underwater drones are the best this year and for 2021.

From a review article by Digital Camera World, the following are 2020’s top five underwater or ROVs – submersible and waterproof machines that made it to their list:

  • PowerVision PowerRay, a great all-round underwater drone
  • Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini, best value underwater drone
  • Chasing Innovation Dory, best underwater drone for beginners
  • PowerVision Power Dolphin, best ROV for surface level shooting
  • ThorRobotics 110ROV, an underwater robot with a grabber arm

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Want to know what the ten best underwater drones are for 2021? Watch the video below:

Here are two stories to show how and what underwater drones can do.

Kongsberg Maritime has signed its first contract for a state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicle (ROV) launch and recovery system (LARS), specifically designed to handle ROV’s from unmanned vessels. 

The contract has been signed with Ocean Infinity, who will install the system on their Armada fleet of cutting-edge robotic ships. […]Kongsberg’s LARS is an essential component in a system designed to ensure that no people are required at sea while carrying out subsea operations. – Read more.

Three shiny, orange-red autonomous surface vessels set out on the water from Alameda, California, in May bound for the Bering Sea where they will survey the nation’s largest fish stock and monitor changing weather and ocean conditions in the Arctic. The surface vessels are part of an armada of autonomous (unmanned) ocean vehicles NOAA is deploying this summer in the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans to provide high-quality environmental data for resource management and weather forecasting. – Read more.

The undersea is a world of mystery, natural wonders, and wealth waiting to be explored. It is good today that drone technologies have expanded to enable such enriching activities.

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