Expert Tips on How to Create Captivating Drone Photographs

Aerial photography has never been as exciting as with the use of drones for breathtaking photos. Even the simplest scene on the ground looks amazing when taken from up in the air at unique angles. This is what makes drone photography captivating for both hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

Drone photographers, in general, follow the basic rules of photography when taking shots with their drones. This is a good tip for beginner hobbyists to learn. It takes time, patience, and practice to be able to master the art of drone photography.

If you are eager to start your hobby or business with the use of drones for aerial photography purposes, then read on for useful tips for creating captivating drone photos from different experts.

For David Hopley, a self-taught, award-winning photographer, his background in architecture and graphic design has given him a keen eye for detail and composition. In his article, he shares 9 tips to drastically improve your aerial photos. Among his tips are making something out of nothing, and taking shots even if you think there is nothing worth photographing.

An article by Adobe on how to get started with drone photography says it’s all about perspective. True it is because when having a bird’s-eye view of the landscape, you get a unique perspective and your creativity and imagination is the limit. As the article says and quotes one photographer, “You can see patterns and formations you didn’t know were there.” The first tip the same article gives is to make your drone shots stand out.

One style of capturing and making stunning photos with drones is to create inception-style photosmind-bending, reality-warping images. Another article by David Hopley gives you tips on how to do this.

The inspiration for Inception-style drone photography comes, unsurprisingly, from the film of the same name – in particular, a scene where a city appears to bend up and over itself. […]The image is a mind-bending combination of a horizontal view blended into a top-down view of a landmark. – Read the article in full.

Since the inception style consists of taking a series of shots of the scene you want to photograph and later stitching them together, you may also want to read this other article that shows you the step by step process in shooting inception style drone photos.

Here below is a video tutorial.

Now here is great news for drone photography enthusiasts.

The prestigious Siena Awards Festival has officially unveiled the winners of the 2020 Drone Photo Awards, and while there is the occasional “stereotypical” drone shot sprinkled in, this year’s crop of winners include some truly stunning shots and fresh perspectives on the world from above. The best example of a stunning shot from this year’s awards is, in fact, the grand prize winner. – Read more here.


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