Basic Tips to Learn for a Great Drone Cinematography

If you are dreaming to be or on your way to a career in cinematography, your best bet is using drones. In this day of vlogs, and you happen to have your own, know that dramatic video footages can be made to look like a film, if you have the right drones and techniques.

Here are the basic tips – from established experts in the field – which you need to learn for great drone cinematography.

Practice your technique even if only in your back garden, so that you’re confident the next time you’re in a magnificent location, according to an article by Digital Camera World. Among the tips in their list, include the following:

  • Shooting in manual
  • Keeping an eye on shutter speed
  • Using filters
  • Finding your focus
  • Using tripod mode
  • Follow their article for more details.

Another set of expert tips involve shot techniques and maneuvers:

  • Go slow
  • Use two axes of movement
  • Strafe
  • Orbit
  • Fly-through shots

Follow the article for more tips and details. The same article also has tips for knowing the best weather condition and time of day to capture your drone videos, camera settings, as well as post processing.

More techniques to give you different kinds of shots include:

  • Aerial pan shot
  • Tracking shot
  • Pedestal shot
  • Fly over
  • Reveal shot

To learn more details of each kind of shot, read the full article here.

You might ask how could you make your drone video footages look like they have been produced by Hollywood. According to a Wired article, the first setting to adjust is frame rate: 30 frames per second looks like reality TV, while 24 fps looks like a Hollywood feature—set it to 24. – Read full article here.

In addition to all these tips, you can also enrol in drone aerial videography courses. To inspire you, watch this brief tutorial on drone cinematography.


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