3 New Drones to Watch Out for In 2020’s Last Quarter and In 2021

2020 is winding down and for most drone enthusiasts, the question is what are the new drones to watch out for in the last quarter of the year and in 2021. Here are the 3 new drones coming up soon.

DJI Mavic Mini 2

Talks have been going about DJI’s plan to come out with another lightweight drone but with a 4K video.

A new DJI drone has appeared. Or, at least, registration has been submitted for a new DJI drone with the FCC, and is likely to be the Mavic Mini 2. The original Mavic Mini was DJI’s first proper drone that was small enough and light enough to class as a ‘Toy’ drone. It weighs exactly 249 grams, […]The one thing it was missing, however, was 4K video recording, and rumour has it the next Mavic Mini will solve that issue and come equipped with a 12-megapixel 4K camera. – Read full article here.

Ring Always Home Cam

The Always Home Cam is a diminutive drone that can be scheduled to fly preset paths, which you lay out as a user. The drone can’t actually be manually flown, and it begins recording only once its in flight (the camera lens is actually physically blocked while it’s docked) — both features the company says will help ensure it operates strictly with privacy in mind. – Read more here.

Einride Drone Truck

Swedish autonomous vehicle manufacturer, Einride has unveiled a new drone truck that will be on the road in 2021. Einride goes head to head with Tesla in the autonomous, long-distance travelling, freight trucks market which they have named Autonomous Electric Transports or AETs. […] All the variants come with no cabin for a driver so there’s no steering wheel, pedals, gear lever, driver’s seat or a windshield. – Read the full article here.

As shown by these upcoming drones, drones do come in all sizes and there is one for almost every need, whether aerial, indoor, or on land.


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