Top Fields for Commercial Drone Pilots and the Amazing Things They Do

A professional or commercial drone pilot, someone who flies a drone for a living or as a business, does many things ranging from the simplest to the most complex tasks. zCommercial drone pilots can command a good to a high pay on the average. The pay depends on one’s level of experience and the specialized skills one can offer. The more years of experience and the more specialized skills you have, the higher your salary can be. However, some choose to be a freelancer drone pilot. Still, depending on the experience and skills and type of services one can offer, a freelancer drone pilot can also earn well.

A passion for robotics is good to get ahead in a career or a job as a drone pilot, among other requirements.

There are five fields or industries, among others, to get into if you wish to become a commercial drone pilot. These fields are based on recent job postings for full-time and contract drone pilots, according to the source.

  • Robotics
  • Inspections
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Pilot network
  • Mapping and Surveying

In addition, commercial drone pilots also work in the fields of:

  • Real Estate Photography and Videography
  • Movies and Television
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Mapping and Modeling

Looking at the different fields and industries above, you can easily imagine a wide range of amazing things drone pilots do, among which are:

  • Collecting thermal images of the ground
  • Creating 3-D models of buildings
  • Making video tours of huge real estate properties for inspection
  • Providing drone photography lessons

With their skills, commercial drone pilots can find many options for jobs: drone mechanic, data analyst, camera operator, fire prevention and suppression, pest controller, sea rescue, land rescue, and even reforestation work. – Read more here.

In the field of robotics, robots and drones play an important role in agriculture, horticulture and nature conservation. They replace the senses of farmers, and come into action with Swiss precision. Drone pilots working in this field team up with engineers and researchers to look for practical solutions.

Here are also some things you need to know to become a professional or commercial drone pilot, such as

  • Getting a drone license
  • Buying a professional drone insurance
  • Picking a drone
  • Knowing FAA rules and guidelines in flying

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