Today’s News Roundup: What You Need to Know about the Latest on Drones from around the Web

Almost every second, something is humming in the world of drones. Today’s news roundup brings what you need to know about the latest buzz on drones.

Drone Delivers Human Kidney Over Las Vegas Desert Marking a Milestone in Drone History

This successful operation was made possible by the researchers at MissionGO, a provider of unmanned aviation solutions, and the Nevada Donor Network, an organ procurement organization, [they] announced last week two successful test flights carrying a human organ and tissue via drones in Las Vegas. […]It marked the longest organ delivery flight in drone history, surpassing the distance of a historic April 2019 flight… — Read more here.

Indoor Security Drone, named Ring Always Home Cam, is Amazon’s Latest Product

“the Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous indoor drone that can use a map of your home to independently fly around to check out strange noises or run a patrol when you’re not home. The drone was just one of well over a dozen product announcements Amazon made yesterday — including a full-on game streaming service to compete directly with Microsoft and Google. – Continue reading.

Watch the video below.

Amazon’s New Security Drone Stirs Up Fears about Possible Breach of Privacy

According to this article. “…the Always Home Cam, a self-docking drone designed to autonomously fly through one unoccupied floor of a home, capturing footage of what it sees. Drones don’t have the best reputation when it comes to privacy, so it’s natural that the Always Home Cam has inspired skepticism. […] the novelty of the Always Home Cam’s flight seems to give more pause than that pioneering robotic vacuum cleaner did.

Aquiline Drones Introduces a “Drone-on-Demand” Mobile App

Aquiline Drones is bringing a “Drone-on-Demand” (DoD) mobile app to the market. The DoD app will be accessible through all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. According to the company, users can order aerial photography and videography services for a wide variety of uses, including utility inspections, outdoor events, real estate, search and rescue, precision farming, tracking wildlife, and beach patrol for spotting hazards in the water.Continue reading.

Roof Inspections Can Now Use Drones by Skydio

 Skydio will work with EagleView to deploy automated residential roof inspections using Skydio drones, with service initially provide via EagleView’s Assess product, launching first in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. The plan is to expand coverage to additional metro areas starting next year, and then broaden to rural customers as well. Read full story.

DJI Introduces Local Data Mode, a New Privacy Feature

To give users more control over their privacy, DJI has introduced Local Data Mode, disabling various features to keep all your drone data on your device. With the expansion of the mode, the GO 4 app, and DJI Fly app now have the new privacy feature. Full story here.


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