Interesting Facts and Insights on the Soon-to-Take Off Flight of the Drone Delivery Industry

As mentioned in our previous post, 2020 is the year that US drone delivery is taking off. In fact, the concept of drone delivery in the US started several years back with Amazon announcing its plans for such service, the Amazon Air Prime, in 2013.

Another company was toying with the idea of a drone delivery. In the same year in December, in a research project of Deutsche Post AG subsidiary DHL, a sub-kilogram quantity of medicine was delivered via a prototype Microdrones “Parcelcopter”, raising speculation that disaster relief may be the first place the company will use the technology. (Wikipedia)

By 2020, there are already 5 companies testing their own drone deliveries on a small scale, and this is seen to change the retail landscape. These 5 companies are as follows:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • Google
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

Read more about these companies’ drone delivery programs in detail.

How do online shoppers think about drone delivery? This article published by Clutch early this year before the pandemic shows you their findings.

The largest percentage of online shoppers are unsure of their opinion on drone delivery. When asked to think about the benefits and challenges of drone delivery, though, online shoppers expressed optimism about drones’ potential cost and time savings but are anxious about their packages getting damaged during delivery. – Read more.

The biggest selling point of delivering by drones is cutting delivery time.

Many companies are promising to deliver packages in 30 mins or less, but how and where the drones take-off is crucially important. Few ways of drone delivery have been adopted, the first course is to deploy the drone from dispatch centres located around the city. The travelling speeds and built-in battery time could reduce the range of a drone to around 20-30 kilometres. – Read more here.

Last year saw the first consumer drone delivery. Accordingly, In a first for consumer delivery, Alphabet Inc.’s Wing drone service is transporting packages, over-the-counter medication, snacks and gifts to residents of Christiansburg, Va. After getting an Air Carrier Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Oct. 18, Wing became the first company to operate a commercial air delivery service via drone directly to homes in the U.S. – Read full story.

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