How Drones Continue to Shape Our Lives in 2020 and Beyond

With more and more industries integrating the use of drones into their businesses, the list of drone applications keeps growing.

We see drones continuing to shape our lives, the way we live, play and work in 2020 and beyond. We have seen how drones have been helping bring much-needed medicinal supplies to remote areas especially during this time of the pandemic and doing other functions such as assisting police in keeping people at a safe distance from one another, going into hard to reach areas during search-and-rescue operations. Drones have even elevated entertainment and sports to new levels with drone light shows and drone racing.

Now, let us look at some of the newer drone applications.

* Providing solutions to the vehicle technology industry

According to a CES article (Consumer Electronics Show), three ways by which drones are making their mark in this field:

  • Finding cars ready for dispatch (in Germany)
  • Navigating for self-driving vehicles
  • Decreasing traffic congestion

* Providing border surveillance

From a report by Tech Crunch, we see a new drone technology that is friendly to the country’s defense. The company building the virtual border wall has a new version of its stealthy fast-flying drones — and a fresh contract with Customs and Border Protection to match. Anduril, a young defense-friendly tech company from the founder of Oculus, received $36 million from Customs and Border Protection this month for its AI-powered autonomous surveillance towers. – Read full story.

* Providing assistance in constructing mine infrastructure in Australia

A recent article reports that an Australian contracting company, the RHT Contracting has chosen Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozer and excavator technology when bidding for a large contract to construct tailings storage facilities (TSFs) for a major mining operation in Western Australia. […]Moreover, it has thought of using drones to assist them in their project as a way of innovating and to gain a winning edge. As of mid-June, Mead and RHT are trialling Komatsu’s EDD (EveryDay Drone) technology, a high precision UAV (drone) survey system providing industry-leading super-fast on-site processing using Komatsu SMARTCONSTRUCTION’s Edge technology. – Read more of the story here.


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