Here are Four Latest Drone Developments from around the Globe

The drone industry is buzzing with life, pandemic notwithstanding. Here are four latest drone developments in the past few days gathered from around the globe.

First in the list is about the precarious standing of DJI drones with the US government since being grounded late last year due to fears these post security threats. With five approved drone companies, DJI drones are out of the picture.

A recent report says that the Department of Defense has approved for government use drones made by five US-based drone manufacturers, namely: Altavian, Parrot, Skydio, Teal and Vantage Robotics.

These drones from these makers, according to a Verge report, are the following:

  • Skydio’s X2-D
  • Parrot’s Anafi USA
  • Altavian’s M440 Ion
  • Teal Drones’ Golden Eagle
  • Vantage Robotics’ Vesper

The report also says after working with these five companies for the past 18 months — helping them tweak their airframes, weed out potential Chinese components, perform cybersecurity penetration testing, and standardize on communication protocols and controls — and certifying each one, the DIU believes these specific drones are actually ready for government work.

Meanwhile, over in Australia, the skies will soon open up for more drone operations.

According to a SUAS news, safe and fast approvals for drone operations in city skies across Australia are one step closer thanks to a new partnership between Airservices Australia and Queensland University of Technology. Airservices and QUT will work together to develop new technologies and systems to give drone operators automatic and near real-time flight approvals, meaning products and services can reach people and places faster, without risking safety. – Read full story.

Singapore’s drone industry sees a similar development.

A news article reported that [..] drone industry in Singapore is taking off, with more companies turning to unmanned aerial vehicles for purposes like infrastructure inspection and deliveries. In April, local start-up F-Drones became the first company to conduct drone deliveries here. It signed a one-year deal with shipping giant Eastern Pacific Shipping that kicked off with a delivery from Marina South Pier to a vessel anchored 2.7km offshore. – Read full story here.

In India, drones are likewise used to help in the farming industry

As reported, sometime in January, the paddy fields of Alathur, a small village in Palakkad district, witnessed an interesting experiment. Three paddy fields, comprising 110 acres, were sprayed micronutrients using customised drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.  â€śThe paddies were 50-65 days old, just before they formed the spikes,” said Reshmi M V, agriculture officer, who monitored the trial along with other officers. â€“ Continue the news report here.


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