Drone News Bites From Around the Web

 Here are a few curated drone news bites gathered from around the web to start our week.

Drones Help End a Dramatic Standoff in Peace

A dramatic standoff between police and an armed suspect who had fired shots from inside his Hayward home ended peacefully with the help of drones and a robot that was able to determine the gunman had fallen asleep in his bed, police said Monday. The incident happened last week when a frantic mother called 911 sometime after midnight to say her son was in his room with a gun and wanted to kill himself, according to Hayward police. – Read full story here.

Drones Can Help Sanitize Schools

At the University of Michigan, Aerospace Engineering Professor Ella Atkins envisions a school using UAVs to clean learning spaces. “If the drone can pop up above the tables and chairs and spray a fast-drying solution, just zipping back and forth in a regular pattern, there’s no way a human could do that nearly as fast. That has real possibilities,” says Atkins, who is an IEEE senior member. – Read more.

S-70 Okhotnik ‘Hunter’ Drone from Russia

Russia is pushing its new unmanned combat aerial vehicle out the door and into the hands of the military sooner than expected. The S-70 Okhotnik (“Hunter”) drone will enter service with the Russian Aerospace Force a year earlier than planned, in 2024. That means Hunter could become the first high-performance combat drone designed for large-scale conventional warfare to enter service with any country. – Read full story.

Drone Forays into Forbidden Zone

On Tuesday, August 5, 2020, a Major League Baseball (MLB) game between the Minneapolis Twins and the Pittsburgh Pirates had to be delayed for nine minutes due to a drone flying over Minneapolis’s Target Field. […]It’s possible that whoever the drone operator was, he or she was a Pittsburgh fan because the drone appeared at the top of the fifth inning,.. Continue reading

Education on Preventing Illegal Drone Flights Get Support

Drones are becoming increasingly useful in industries like real estate and agriculture. But they can also pose a danger in the sky. The Federal Aviation Administration has received more than 100 reports since 2015 of private drones flying too close to planes and helicopters while they fight wildfires. – Continue reading


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