Delivery Drones’ Flight into Mainstream Retail Still a Long Haul

In recent months, drones have soared to prominence due to the various roles they have played in the pandemic crisis.

Among the things drones have been tasked to do is delivering essential goods to frontline health workers, such as tests and blood samples. So questions are being raised as to whether delivery drones are now ready to fly into mainstream retail.

However, as in the past, concerns about privacy and surveillance still cloud the horizon. Even as drones have shown their usefulness and capabilities in fields such as agriculture, real estate, and aerial photography, and can be expected to deliver goods, drones doing business in retail is still a long haul.

Proponents believe the use of drones in emergency situations will increase the public’s awareness about the technology’s benefits and reduce anxiety about its use. “This is the moment when the drone industry gets to show what it can do,” Miriam McNabb, editor of Dronelife, a news site, told the New York Times. – Read the full storyhere.

In fact, Google’s sister company Wing is into delivering goods via drones and started delivering household goods and meals last year on a limited basis, but it has seen a jump in demand during the pandemic. – Read the story in full here.

Watch the video below:

So while drones have been proving their worth, according to a report by Forbes, most mainstream businesses and consumers, drones still fly on the technological fringe, somewhere between machine learning and advanced robotics. They also sketch a lot of people out who, somewhat reasonably, associate unmanned flying robots with tyrannical surveillance states and “HAL” from A Space Odyssey. – Read the story here.


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