Top Uses of Drones in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

As the world faces its deadliest, most challenging enemy since WWII, drones are rising up to the situation. Drones are technological front liners in the fight against an unseen enemy. They play a growing role in this battle.

Some of the top uses of drones in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic are the following:

  • Surveillance to make sure people observe social distancing
  • Broadcasting of messages, such as warning citizens to stay home
  • Spraying of disinfectant
  • Deliveries of essential goods
  • Checking of temperatures

For example, regarding broadcasting, authorities are also using drones to broadcast messages and information about lockdown measures, especially an in rural area that lacks open communication channels for health information. Read the full article here

Here is another article that shows how different parts of the world are making use of drones in their own fight against Covid-19. During these challenging times, tech innovation have the opportunity to implement innovations that could benefit the society. All over the world, drones are used for medical goods transportation, surveying, cleaning and food transportation. Read the article in full here

Delivery of essential items is an urgent use of drones in times like these. But it needs more government support, according to one drone company in Canada. Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) says it could take as little as two weeks for the company to roll out a basic drone-delivery system to transport blood tests, deliver blood samples, or haul medical supplies as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. – Read more of this article here

A drone company in Connecticut is also testing its so-called pandemic drones – in order to provide information on whether or not groups of people are properly social distancing, as well as detect heart and respiratory rates and body temperature — all in 4K definition. Read full article here

Indeed, these are extraordinary times, with already confirmed 234,108 deaths all over the world. And as James Davis of The Droneologist said, “We see that drones have the capability not only to provide entertainment or an interesting hobby, but also to do extraordinary tasks in helping save lives.”


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