Drone Caught Flying Dangerously Close to USN Blue Angels

What looked like a violation of FAA regulations on drones was recently caught on video, drawing negative reactions from concerned drone followers. Rightly so as flying your drone dangerously close to another aircraft or within its path is illegal and irresponsible as well.

A highly-controversial drone video surfaced online this week that seems to have been captured illegally. In it, the pilot flies shocking close to the US Navy Blue Angels as they performed an “America Strong” flyover in Detroit on May 12th. – Read full story here

The video was allegedly published on Instagram and Facebook but both accounts have deactivated both accounts and taken the video down, but not before a YouTube user downloaded the video and shared it […] – See full story here

To capture the video’s final shots, the camera drone, the suspected blades of which can be seen in the footage, appears to have been operating almost directly in the flight path of the Navy F/A-18 Hornets. – Read more here

The incident is under investigation. The FAA says the incident was reported to them and that they are investigating, a report by Fox2Detroit said. – Read full story here

Meanwhile, as part of the process of making drones fully integrated into the national airspace, the drone remote ID will be launched by next year.

The Federal Aviation Administration is planning to have remote ID service for drones — a foundational component of integrating unmanned aircraft into the national airspace — up and running by sometime next year, according to documents viewed by Avionics International. – Read more here

Remote ID is the ability of a UAS in flight to provide identification information that can be received by other parties.

With a remote ID, a drone that is flying in an unsafe manner, such as dangerously close or in prohibited zones, just like in the news above, can easily be detected.


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