5 Drone Companies in the Fight against Covid-19

Who would have thought drones could help save lives? They can and they do, that is what several drone companies are doing their best to show. One way drones are used these days is being used to give reminders to people to observe social distancing.

Here are 5 drone companies in the fight against Covid-9. They either have come up or are still developing their own pandemic drone technology or drones. These companies from different parts of the world are working alongside other institutions and government agencies in their mission to help stop the ongoing pandemic.

SkySkopes (North Dakota, USA)

Flight tests, operated by SkyScopes, are underway in Grand Forks County to test the abilities for drones to spray disinfectants, deliver supplies and sense body temperatures remotely. North Dakota State University is also a part of the project, providing an aircraft originally developed for agricultural spraying applications. – Read the article in full here

Draganfly (Canada)

[…]Canadian drone maker Draganfly has been anxiously watching the spread of the novel coronavirus. And when COVID-19 cases started springing up across Washington nursing homes in mid-February, the team began brainstorming. By March, Draganfly had licensed the machine vision and AI tech needed to offer social distancing and health monitoring services from the air. – Read more of the article here

MicroMultiCopter (China)

In China, both COVID-19, containment efforts, and technology are ahead of the rest of the world. The MicroMultiCopter company, located in Shenzhen, deployed over 100 drones to many Chinese cities to patrol areas and observe crowds. The drones were also capable of identifying people who were not wearing masks in public space… – Read the full article here

DJI (China)

DJI is activating its Disaster Relief Program to equip public safety agencies across the United States with the right equipment and support that enables our first responders to scale their UAV operations at this unprecedented time. This program mobilizes the resources of DJI and its enterprise channel partner network to support qualified police, fire and rescue services across the United States… — Read more here

Zipline (Rwanda)

Zipline, a medical drone delivery company that launched in Rwanda, planned to come to the U.S. later this year. But as the coronavirus crisis grows, the company is now working with government regulators to try to launch as soon as possible. – Read more of the article here

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