DJI Reinforces Its Mark as It Unleashes Storm Drone

Mention drones and DJI comes to mind. DJI has made its mark as the world’s top drone manufacturer.

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What makes it so is its consistent effort to come up with innovative products and technology.

It has received recognition in the fields of robotics, drones, and consumer electronics through the years, the latest of which is being named as one of the world’s innovative companies. “DJI is a Chinese drone manufacturer and the world’s leader in creating and marketing consumer unmanned aerial vehicles. In May 2017, DJI introduced Spark, the first drone that users can control simply by hand gestures.” Read more here.

Reinforcing its unbeatable mark, it has unleashed another powerful drone to reckon with. DJI, one of the most highly celebrated brands in the field of drone and cinematography has yet again outdone themselves with its latest professional-grade filming drone. The drone is as flagship as they get, so much so that the model is not even available for purchase. DJI has rather decided to employ its service of this drone alongside a van that is equipped with various tech and parts of the drone being manned by a team of professionals trained crew for filming. Read more:

Verge reports that the drone, named DJI Storm, “sure sounds like a beast: an eight-rotor aircraft that can carry up to an 18.5kg (40.8lb) payload. That’s enough to carry an sizeable filmmaker’s rig like an Arri Alexa LF camera, complete with lens, one of DJI’s wireless follow focus systems, and DJI’s Ronin 2 gimbal for stabilization.”


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