Why the Commercial Drone Industry Is Poised to Fly High into the Future

Just a few years back, drone hype centered largely on the use of drones for personal enjoyment, and to a limited extent, in the areas of aerial photography and real estate marketing. Drones for commercial purposes were still met with apprehension and fear.

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But fast forward to 2019, it looks like the commercial drone industry is poised to fly high into the future.

Just take a look at this article that predicts this to be so, and two of its predictions say that:

  • The drone sales will massively increase from $8 billion in 2015 and reach and a staggering figure of $12 billion by the year 2021.
  • Consumer drone shipments will increase almost up to four times by 2021 which will be driven by increased price competitions and newer features to make it easier for the beginners

Today, businesses across industries are coming up with ideas of how drones can help them in their operations. And the sky is the limit.

One area in which drone use is a big possibility is aerial data and information management.

“These unmanned aerial marvels ignite the imaginations of people the world over — and the truth is that we are only scratching the surface of their potential. Rather than flying playthings, drone technology is being unlocked for practical uses in aerial data and information management.[…] Drones by design allow researchers to take to the skies and capture visual information.” Read more here.

For beginner enthusiasts thinking of putting up their small businesses with the use of drones, this article provides some ideas to start with. The first item it lists is the most popular, photography. “With the advent of low-cost drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, taking aerial images is now easily affordable for photographers.” Read more:

If you are thinking of which drone is best for you, think about getting a long-range drone. This article by ImajnEarth says, “[…]It can go places that you may not have the time or the capability of going for those great aerial shots. It can save squillions on time if you are monitoring land features or wildlife variables.” Read more in this link.

Other fields where drones are and/or can be of great use are agriculture, architecture and construction, and delivery.

“In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released rules on commercial drone usage, clarifying the legal landscape for drone usage for work and business. And Since, industrial applications of UAV technology have only grown.” Read more here.

It is indeed certain, the future skies will see more of commercial drones.

a white and block quadcopter hovering on grass…
Photo by Sjoerd Verhelst on Unsplash


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