Ways of Using Drones for Live Events and Entertainment

With consumer drones getting to be more common and their commercial uses expanding by the day, we can expect the drone industry flying higher than we can imagine.

Among the newer drone trends fast catching up is using drones for live events and entertainment.

This article notes that drones are very rapidly becoming a crucial tool in the entertainment industry, and that drones have taken aerial photography and videography to soaring heights of success. In addition, drone technology has made it possible for drones to appear in live events such as fashion shows, drone light shows, and music performances.  

Drone light shows are rapidly being used as an alternative for loud, hazardous fireworks. They are reusable, versatile, and arguably just (if not more) entertaining!

A drone company based in India shares the same insight that a new industry is on the rise – the drone entertainment industry, putting drones on the spotlight.  According to Drones Tech Lab, drones are now often used in light shows, dance performances, filmmaking, as well as in the growing entertainment sports of FPV racing.

From another article, drones are said to be used for live entertainment:

Drones have already had an impact on event surveillance and event photography/film, but are also being used more directly to entertain. Disney has been one of the more active companies in this space, and has filed for a number of drone patents focused on entertainment.

Watch below the live concert of Drake in which he used drones to light up his performance.

Read also this article from which this excerpt comes:

Drones are also carving out a space for themselves in the film industry that is entirely separate from traditional Hollywood fare. For example, β€œIn the Robot Skies,” a film directed by architect Liam Young, claims to be the first ever film shot entirely by autonomous, pre-programmed drones. The film, which premiered at the London Film Festival in 2016, may be the first of many films to explore drone-driven film-making.


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