Underwater Drone Technology Applications

Underwater drones are normally used by the military as a warfare tool. But these unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) are also used for ship hull inspection (Bluefin[4]), nuclear reactor decontamination, exploration, and mining/drilling.


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One of these UUVs is the Bluefin-21. The Bluefin-21 is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed by Bluefin Robotics for defence, commercial or scientific use. It found its most famous use in April 2014 in the search for the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. See more here:


Underwater drones are playing an increasingly important role in several industries and constantly impacting underwater operations. Fortunately, operational intelligence (OI) technology can help to ensure drone safety and provide unprecedented data insight above and under water. The technology ensures safety and efficiency for multiple operations by aggregating various data sources to provide greater situational awareness. Read more at:


A report by The Verge says underwater drones began operating in the 1950s, and today there are 250 different configurations in service, according to Bard Center for Study of the Drone.


In addition to these applications, some underwater drones are already being designed for use of consumers. Two such examples are the iBubble and the SeaDrone, both of which can be installed with smart cameras for amazing underwater videos or photography.


In the next few years, underwater drones will just be as popular and in demand as aerial drones for drone photography services.

This new category of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is highly portable and intuitive to operate. What really sets them apart, however, is their price. Most of those described here […] sell for $1,200 or less.

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