Photographer Shows Beauty of Drone Photography

Since the dawning of drones in the consumer world, aerial photography has never been the same, as you can see from these stunning shots taken by travel photographer Chase Guttman.

No wonder anyone who has owned a drone, or commercial users with drone photography services have been captivated. They attest to the uniqueness of shots taken by their drones.

An amazing drone shot

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But as in any gadget used for capturing photos, there are tips and guidelines to follow, so Chase Guttman has also come up with his starter guide’ to drone photography.

‘Drone photography is an incredibly exciting medium for the future and I just want to be a part of that future,’ the Manhattan native said. ‘Whether that’s talking to people about the potential that technology holds or continuing that visual storytelling with that technology.’

For Chase, this journey began with the original DJI Phantom, though his favorite go-to machine is the DJI Inspire 1 Pro. As he continued his travels, his drones began to accompany him. Over time, he amassed enough aerial images to create a book.Read more at:

This is the description of Chase Guttman’s drone photography handbook:

The Handbook of Drone Photography will be the go-to manual for consumers wishing to harness the power of drones to capture stunning aerial photographs. This book covers everything one needs to choose the right drone, to get airborne, and to capture and share incredible content. With easy and straightforward instruction, the text will familiarize readers with their craft and its controls.

As shown by Chase, creativity, passion, desire to excel in this new art form in photography, are the ingredients to breathtaking drone shots.

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