New Underwater Drones Make a Splash

Aerial drones will soon be sharing the spotlight with their underwater counterparts, as more and more take the plunge into the drone consumer market.


Underwater drones are basically submarines, but they operate without any humans in it, so they are called unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). These vehicles may be divided into two categories, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), which are controlled by a remote human operator, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), which operate independently of direct human input.

Ziphius is one of the growing number of underwater drones already in the market

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The latest underwater drone is the Gladius.

The 3-kg (6.6-lb) drone is being made in Standard and Advanced models, both of which come with a 30-m (98-ft) tether running up to a Wi-Fi-equipped buoy that’s towed along at the surface. This means that the tether doesn’t have to reach all the way from the Gladius to the operator. A longer 100-m (328-ft) cable is available as an upgrade, allowing the drone to travel farther from its buoy, and/or to dive deeper – its maximum dive depth is 100 meters. Read more at:


The Gladius is basically a remote-controlled submarine with a 4K camera that can dive to 100 meters.[…] It’s designed to be deployed from the beach but you can dump it into the sea from anywhere. It costs $599 for early birds and the 4K model costs $799. It has “four degrees of freedom” which means you can dive deep to meet a turtle or a fridge. Read more at:


With Gladius, amazing sea photography is in the offing, so widen the scope of drone photography services.


In January this year, one underwater drone was introduced during the CES 2017, the powerray fishing drone by powervision.


On the financial side, one underwater drone company is going public in the Australian stock market.

US-based underwater drone startup Aquabotix is headed Down Under, raising up to $7 million through an initial public offering on the ASX to catapult its growth in the Asia-Pacific region. It joins a growing list of foreign companies on the exchange, but unlike most small-cap tech stocks that have listed in the past few years, Aquabotix is already profitable and says it does not need the capital to be a sustainable business. Read more at:


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