Drones’ Strange Encounters, Close Calls

When a robot doesn’t want to be left out of the fun of flying drones, here’s what happens:

Scott Blais (51), a retired state trooper and freelance software developer, filmed his Aldebaran Robotics Nao V5 asking if it can play with the drone .

He agrees to let the robotic tyke have it’s fun, but all does not go to plan. It proceeds to fly the drone far away out of sight. Read more at:

Well all’s well that ends well. Although the flight caused minor damage, Mr. Blas hoped the experience might provide some insight on what the future may hold.

Recently, a golden eagle was reported to have grabbed a drone in flight during a military training exercise at Mont-de-Marsan French Air Force base, Southwestern France. The eagle is being trained for combat against drones. See the slideshow here:

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Dutch police already started training eagles to prevent attacks by [enemy] drones – those that are not supposed to fly in restricted areas.

Watch the video below:

One could understand how the military and police are wary of consumer drones, as these have become targeted tools for terrorist groups like the ISIS. France is said to be on heightened alert for drones that may be potentially used by terror groups.

[…] the French air force carries out regular simulations and monitors potential threats from private planes or drones in its domestic airspace, amid heightened security in the country since the Paris attacks of 2015.Read more:

Last year, 2 Kurdish soliders fighting the Islamic State in northern Iraq were killed as they were examining a small drone they shot down. The Islamic State has used surveillance drones on the battlefield for some time, but the attacks — all targeting Iraqi troops — have highlighted its success in adapting readily accessible technology into a potentially effective new weapon. Read more here:

Aside from national security, public safety should always be of utmost concern of all consumer drone operators/owners, and those flying them for other purposes, such as aerial photo services.

Yet, close calls continue.

A flight from Paris had a close call with a drone while landing at Dulles International Airport Thursday afternoon. The pilot of Air France Flight 54 reported to the tower crossing a drone about 100 feet above the Boeing 777. The tower then warned other pilots about the drone deep inside restricted airspace. Read more at:

While most mishaps involve civilian drones, one recent incident was that of a military drone.

An Army drone that disappeared on a training flight in southern Arizona turned up hundreds of miles away in Colorado, stuck in a tree, and the military is trying to figure out how it got there. Read more at:

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