Drones Banned Around Super Bowl Vicinity

As the 2017 Super Bowl is about to commence, the FAA released a reminder to football fans cum drone aficionados to please leave behind their unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.

The FAA released a public service announcement on Wednesday declaring that not only is NRG Stadium a “No Drone Zone” on the day of the big game, but temporary flight restrictions prohibiting drones from flying within a 34.5-mile radius of the stadium will also be put in place. – Read more at:


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According to the report, drones are not allowed on Sunday, February 5, from 4 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.

So there goes the hope of those wanting to cover the event with their drones, but they should understand it’s all for safety and security purposes.

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The FAA rules that drones are not to be flown over people, Thus, the coverage of live events, such as sports and concerts are not allowed, by both hobbyists and those with uav aerial photography services.

However, drones will be making their appearance at the Super Bowl LI, during the half-time show to be featured by Lady Gaga.

The 12-minute halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi, will feature Lady Gaga performing under a canopy of shimmering drones, CNN reported Saturday citing sources familiar with the production, which Variety can confirm. It’s the first time drones will be used in a live TV event, and the first time the robotic aircraft will appear in the Super Bowl. Read more at:

That’s an awesome thing to look forward to. But days ago, one drone was grounded.

On Friday, security caught someone flying a drone above the Falcons’ practice before Super Bowl LI.

According to the NFL’s pool report, security officers “grounded a drone” that was being flown over the Falcons’ practice, which was situated near a “residential area” next to the Rice University campus.Read more at:


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