Why Lily Robotics is Closing Down

Some things are not meant to be, and one of those is a drone startup, Lily Robotics, which is reported to be in the process of closing down. And here’s why.

Back in 2015, a video was released announcing how smart sensing technology could turn quadcopters into powerful photography devices. Activating the drone was as simple as throwing it into the air, and the Lily could automatically follow users with a tracking puck, shooting pictures and video along the way. – Read more at:

The video attracted a huge viewership and pre-orders, with customers paying in advance over $499 to ensure they’d get Lily which promised to be a great drone to use for aerial photo services.

Lily Camera Drone

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On Dec. 20, Lily Robotics was up against a wall. It was five days before Christmas, and dozens of eager customers who had spent more than $499 to pre-order the company’s flagship product were wondering if they were ever going to see it.[…]While there were other consumer drones that took could capture images, none seemed to match] Lily’s capabilities: sharp video, water resistance, “Follow Me” features and the ability to take off and land in a person’s hand. – Read more at:

The problem however is that to date, no delivery has been made, and on top of that, a case has been filed against the startup company.

But after pushing the delivery date back multiple times, Lily Robotics has yet to ship a single drone to its 60,000 prospective customers, according to the lawsuit filed against the company. […]The complaint against Lily, obtained by The Register, alleges that the company knowingly misled customers by creating a promotional video that purported to show video footage captured with a Lily drone prototype.Read more at:

The company’s founders, Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, were fresh out of college, met at a hackathon, and had an idea and the energy and passion to run with it, according to an IEEE Spectrum article, which offered some suggestions as to why Lily Robotics failed in their venture. One reason could be Lily couldn’t run fast enough to stay ahead of the pack. 

Another article suggests it could be the Chinese drone maker DJI’s cutthroat business machine that knows how to tackle opposition.



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