What are the Best Drones in 2017?

With a new year ahead, we take a look at some of the best/newest consumer drones to greet 2017.

Selfie drones

Selfies trended in 2016 on social media, and what better way to take selfie than with selfie sticks. But wait, for 2017, selfie drones are making their grand appearance, and two selfie drones made their debut on the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017, the Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera Passport, and the Rova.

Hover Camera Passport

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Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera Passport, $599, packs a 13 megapixel camera, a battery good for about 10 minutes of flight time, and a software bundle that includes auto-follow capability into a compact assembly that folds up for easy carrying. […] The $399 Rova, another selfie drone, doesn’t fold up and, at .595 lbs., is subject to the FAA’s registration requirement. – Read more at:

Thus, enthusiasts of drone photography services will now have more options to choose from, aside from the already well-known camera drones from DJI (its DJI Phantom 3Pro and Phantom 4; DJI Inspire 1, and Inspire 2, among others from this biggest drone manufacturer from China); from Yuneec ( Typhoon H); and the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, to name a few.

Racing drones

Another growing fascination for drone afficionados is drone racing.One such race event is the Drone Rodeo. And so, racing drones are becoming much in trend as well. Among the best racing drones for 2017 is the GARLUS Walkera F210, a Professional FPV (first person view) drone.

Among its best features is the Sony night vision camera. Other features include:

The latest F3 flight system, 5.8G video Transmission

  • Strong resistance frame design
  • 800TVL Night Vision Sony Camera
  • 3D Goggle Goggle-3

See more racing drones here:

Another racing drone is the Draco.

The Draco drone is a quadcopter that has been built from the ground up for racing. It is crafted from a lightweight carbon fiber and is claimed to hit speeds of 75 mph and upwards (120 km/h) right out of the box, pairing with virtual reality goggles to offer pilots a first-person view flying experience. – Read more here:

Underwater drone

The PowerVision PowerRay is an underwater drone that also made an appearance at the CES 2017.

The PowerRay robot can dive as deep as 98 feet underwater, and images and data can be sent up to 262 feet. It even includes an internal fish-luring light. Using an app, you can view real-time photos or video. Preorders start on February 27, 2017. No pricing yet.

These are only some of the drones to be seen this year, and from the looks of it, 2017 promises to be another, if not more, exciting year for the world of drones.



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