The Dawning of the Paper-Plane Drone

In this highly technological age, what gets re-invented as a high-tech tool, a drone to be exact, is none other than the good ole paper plane.

PowerUp 3.0, a remote-controlled paper plane

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POWERUP, the Miami-based hi-tech toys company, has launched POWERUP FPV, the first ever paper airplane drone with a live-streaming camera. It is the third product in POWERUP’s core collection, and the successor to the Amazon best-seller POWERUP 3.0. – Read more at:

The motorized machine works with help from a smart module that, when placed in the middle of a paper plane, can control it using Bluetooth and the company’s free app on iOS or Android. Just tilt your phone left to swerve the plane in the same direction or angle it to the right to make it fly for up to 10 minutes on a single charge and as far as 180 feet. – Read more at:

Although it says the paper-plane drone can be mounted with a live-streaming cam, it would not be a good one for professional or commercial use, such as for aerial photography services.

The POWERUP FPV is made for sheer flying fun, but there’s another paper drone, meant for a nobler cause.

A new research project funded by DARPA, the United States military’s experimental technology arm, has developed an autonomous drone made out of cardboard that can fly twice the distance of any fixed-range aircraft because it’s disposable. The drone only goes one way.

When transporting vaccines or other medical supplies, the more you can pack onto the drone, the more relief you can supply,” said Star Simpson, an aeronautics research engineer at Otherlab, the group that’s building the new paper drone. If you don’t haul batteries for a return trip, you can pack more onto the drone, says Simpson. – Read more at:

Isn’t the world of drones getting to be more exciting than ever, and it’s only January.


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