3 Drone Applications in a Smart Home

In 2014, as consumer drones were fast gaining attention and buyers, and Amazon and Google talked of having their own corporate drones for delivery, namely Amazon’s Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing, there were also talks of how consumer drones could play more roles in the home, in a smart or connected home, that is.


For the future of drone use around the home, the sky may be the limit. And with Amazon and now Google leading the charge, it appears it will be only a matter of time before drones around the home are an everyday thing, an Electronic House article said.

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The article quoted for example, Atty. Brendan Schulman (now Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs at DJI) as saying that drone technology will be great technology for home improvement, architectural design and other applications around the home and people’s property.”


It also quoted an architect, Rand Soellner who sees a future where easier-to-use drones could have many applications around the house, like checking stream conditions on a large property, or checking to see if gutters are clogged or the chimney has too much soot in it.


Today, drones are not yet used in those ways in the home, but they will, in terms of security and gathering of sensitive data.

In 2015, a report said […] drones can be used to collect sensitive data about the connected devices in your home, too.

[…] security researchers from Praetorian, a security company based in Austin, Texas, revealed they used a customized drone to fly above the city to pinpoint the locations of connected devices used in homes and businesses. Read more at:


According to the report above, however, such use could also be taken advantage of hackers with malicious intent.


This year 2017, another security company is set to come up with its own drone applications to be used as security measures in a connected home.

At CES® 2017 today (Jan.3), Alarm.com (Nasdaq: ALRM) announced plans to develop autonomous, video-enabled drone applications to extend the capabilities of smart home and business security systems. Alarm.com’s multi-sensor awareness and property intelligence, together with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Flight drone platform, will deploy drones to investigate unexpected activity. The drones will be designed to autonomously navigate through the property and provide a high-resolution video feed to the property owner. Read more at:


But in the area of drone photography, home-owners can utilize their drones to make a survey of their properties for the sheer fun of seeing their properties from up in the sky, or to market them. Booking professional aerial photography services is getting to be common nowadays for real estate owners and developers.


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