These Drone Apps Keep You From Restricted Zones

One of the biggest challenges and headaches for drone operators and authorities alike is avoiding restricted zones. To prevent such unintentional intrusion into restricted zones, some drone apps for this purpose have been developed.

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An app that tells drone owners if they are flying in or near restricted airspace has been created by the UK’s National Air Traffic Control Service. The “drone assist” app gives pilots an interactive map of their surroundings and will warn if they are near airspace used by commercial aircraft. – Read more at:

Just as it is in the US, drones in the UK should be flown within sight, stay below 400 ft and at least 50m (150ft) from buildings and people.

In their excitement to fly their drones, drone flyers, especially beginners, can overlook this basic rule. Also, mishaps or near-collision with commercial planes continue to occur.

Thus these drone-assist apps or what is also known as geofencing systems are must-haves for any drone users including those using these for their  aerial photo services.

Last year, in fact one company developed an app to help guide drone pilots similar to how a control tower directs plane pilots.

AirMap gathers real-time aerospace data and provides a communication pipeline between drone pilots, airline pilots, and airports. It already has software integrated into the systems of higher-end drones from 3DR, DJI, and Yuneec, but the company’s new app takes care of a crucial part of the communication puzzle.Read more at:

The goal, Marcus (AirMap CEO and co-founder Ben) said, is that “you don’t need to open another app—you can see the information with the app you’re already using to fly your drone. So if you attempt to take off within five miles of an airport, you get a pop-up message asking if you’d like to provide notice.” – Read more at:

In a bid to improve safety in the skies and deter the implementation of possibly overzealous drone regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DJI says it’s about to launch a more dynamic version of its existing flight limitation software to help ensure operators only fly their machines in areas deemed safe.- Read more at:

The changes to DJI’s geofencing system will enable drone operators to gain access to “live information on temporary flight restrictions,” while flying their drones, the company said in a released statement, as reported by the above source.

These apps are indeed a better response to wayward drones than the anti-drone systems that are likewise on the rise, as they help promote the growth of drone technologies and the drone industry.

So if you’re thinking of getting yourself or loved ones a drone for Christmas, make sure it’s one fitted with an app to aid you in navigating the skies.

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