Amazon Gets Patented Protection for Delivery Drones

No matter how advanced technology is, there’s always risk involved, which may be due to human error or malicious intent; thus, Amazon had asked for a patented protection for its delivery drones, according to reports.

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Amazon received a technology patent this week to give its drones extra anti-hacking protection when making deliveries, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Amazon (amzn, -0.80%) filed for the patented technology covering countermeasures against threats to drones, or uncrewed autonomous vehicles (UAV), because it said that third parties could interfere with a drone’s wireless communications system using a wireless signal jammer. – Read more at:

The technology patent is based on both a so-called mesh network and the process of several drones communicating with one another through the sharing of data “to confirm or cross-check data such as location, heading, altitude, and so forth” — all designed to detect data differences and possible signs of a drone being compromised. – Read more at:

Meanwhile, Amazon has completed a successful delivery run. On December 7, 2016, Amazon revealed that it had completed its first Prime Air delivery in Cambridge, UK. The package, containing a bag of popcorn and an Amazon Fire TV, were loaded on to the unmanned vehicle from a local fulfillment center and delivered to a two-story farmhouse several miles away – all within 13 minutes after the items were bought! – Read more at

Despite this though, challenges are still in the offing. The above report also says While the octocopters may do fine in rural areas, they remain untested in crowded urban cities where they would encounter obstacles like buildings or trees.

[…] Although cameras could be mounted on the drone for this purpose, current civil drone video transmission technology is limited to a range of a few miles. As a result, in order to perform long-distance deliveries, the drone must autonomously detect nearby objects and avoid hitting them. – Read more at:

For now, most consumer drones are enjoyed for their utility in aerial photography, whether for pasttime or for rendering awesome drone photography services. And drone operators are also required to fly their drones within line of sight and to steer clear of airports, crowded places and other restricted areas.

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