The Hoover Camera Passport Drone

There’s a new consumer drone in the block being billed as the camera of the future – the Hoover Camera Passport. It’s a drone with a difference they say.

While it shares much in common with other flying cameras, calling the Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera Passport a drone wouldn’t be entirely fair —rather than flying long distances or sporting a high end camera and gimbal, it instead focuses on being as easy as possible to use and transport. – Read more here:

Watch the video below:

For those who aren’t already familiar, the Passport is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact quadcopter powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform. It comes with a 13-megapixel still camera that can shoot 4K video, and there’s a foldable carbon-fiber enclosure for the propellers — the drone is about the size of a VHS cassette tape when folded, if you know what that is. Since the Passport only weighs 242 grams (it was originally aiming for 238 grams), it is not subject to the FAA’s Hobbyist Drone Registration. Read more at:

This new camera drone sure looks cool! However, whether it will be a good choice for businesses offering uav aerial photography services remains to be seen. Perhaps for personal and fun activities with friends, it’s an awesome gadget to carry along.

Hoover Camera Passport

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The Hover Camera Passport uses face detection technology to track your face all through the journey. The end result? Cool selfies to choose from! The drone follows you using body tracking technology and keeps track of your activities. The drone makes use of a feature called “Orbit” to film you autonomously as it circles around you. – Read more at:

Meanwhile, Steve Cohen – President of the Drone User Group Network, the country’s largest drone meetup group – has come up with a living document for all its members to familiarize with and abide by. It’s the Drone User Group Network Safety Code.

Indeed, James, of The Droneologist welcome this timely reminder. He said, “Sometimes, in our excitement, we drone hobbyists may forget the limits set, especially the newbies among us. Thus in the process, this puts our favorite recreation at risk too.”

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