GoPro’s Karma Drone Recalled

GoPro, the company that’s widely known for its action cameras, has hit a snag with its first foray into drone making.

[…] GoPro announced through a release on its website that the company will recall its new $799 Karma drone. This is the first drone from the action-cam company, and it has only been on the market since October 23, 2016. Read more here:


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GoPro says “in a very small number of cases, Karma units lost power during operation.” Thus far, there have been no reports of injuries or property damage because of the defect. Recalled Karma drones can be returned to GoPro directly or wherever they were purchased originally for a full refund. Read more at:

“Safety is our top priority,” GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman said in a statement. “A very small number of Karma owners have reported incidents of power failure during operation. We have moved quickly to recall all units of Karma and provide a full refund while we investigate the issue.” Read more at:

The best of drones are often equipped with GoPro cameras, and are popular among drone hobbyists and professional photographers especially those with aerial photography services. The DJI Phantom2 is said to synchronize well with a GoPro.

It is just unfortunate that GoPro’s Karma Drone has suffered a glitch, but it is hoped that problem will soon be fixed. The Karma Drone is a great drone, on its own, according to the review by Tech Crunch. It dubs it as a drone for GoPro diehards.

On its own the Karma is a fantastic drone. Yet when stacked against others, the Karma is missing key features that makes it competitive against the latest and greatest from drone makers.Read more at:

Perhaps it will be just as well while fixing what went wrong, GoPro could incorporate the missing features noted by the review above – collision detection and follow-me abilities – so that its Karma Drone will be ready to take to the skies in better form this time.


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