Drone Activities that Get FAA’s Blessing

Soon the skies will be abuzz with more commercial drones now that the newly released FAA rules concerning their operation are already in effect.

In fact, the FAA foresees hundreds of thousands of drones to fill the skies.

The FAA forecasts there could be as many as 600,000 unmanned aircraft used commercially during the first year after this rule is in place,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said in a press conference. “Drones are helping to create a whole new means of realizing the American dream,” he added later. Read more at:

What will all those drones be doing up there, you may ask. Well, here are some of the amazing drone activities that have the FAA’s blessing.

Intel Drone 100

Intel says recently passed United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations on commercial drone flights are helping it extend the public performances of its Project 100 light show demonstration. Read more:

Drone Light Show


Drone 100 is a light show that demonstrates how Intel pushes the boundaries of what is possible and shows people an exciting new way to experience the wonders of drone technology. Intel has showcased Drone 100 globally – receiving the Guinness World Record for this innovative breakthrough. Read more at:

This was granted because Intel has taken steps to reduce risk associated with its drone flights and proven itself through prior flight testing, technology, operational history and flight experience,” the company representative said.Read more:

Home Inspection in line with Insurance Claims

Allstate (all) has been testing drones for inspecting roofs for damage for over a year in an effort to more quickly handle customer insurance claims. With the Federal Aviation Administration’s new ruling in place for how businesses can operate drones, the insurance giant plans to expand its test, said Glenn Shapiro, Allstate’s executive vice president of claims. Read more here:

Shapiro is convinced that letting drones inspect homes allows humans more time in the office to analyze the imagery. It’s cheaper, safer and a process that could completely change the way in which it evaluates claims. Read more:

Training for Law Enforcers

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country want to get their hands on drones, both small and large, for a range of missions, and the federal government wants to make sure cops know how to use these new tools. […] Much more likely is that the training will involve search and rescue scenarios, intelligence and reconnaissance operations, and learning how to properly survey accident sites. The cameras must “allow for live viewing” and “streaming capabilities to export video for distribution,” as well as “recording of video for later playback.” Read more:

Aerial Photography

Drones for aerial photography services are fine to fly; in fact, the FAA has long given approval to some film companies with this intention.

Meanwhile, here’s a new drone that is capable of FPV (first person view).

…its Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone is selling for $260, a savings of $39. This quadricopter features a bundle of features — including a 1080p camera and built-in GPS — that go beyond the typical offerings of your average drone.

The drone’s remote control features a 4.3-inch VGA LCD with first-person-view flying (FPV). FPV flying allows you to control the drone via the real-time video feed shown on the transmitter, rather than by visually tracking your drone in the sky.

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