2016’s Latest Drones in Town

Drones come in all shapes, sizes and color, and they may either be classified as recreational/personal or commercial, with a wide range of applications. By this, we refer only to consumer drones, not those for military warfare.

And new drones keep coming up. Here are some of 2016’s latest drones in town and overseas.

Aquatic drones: Trash-Eating “Shark” Drone, and the Aquasmart XL

At last weekend’s World Port Days conference, the Port of Rotterdam debuted a pair of aquatic drones to help the port operate more efficiently and cleanly. One is the Waste Shark, an autonomous vessel to gather waste from the port’s busy waters before it can be washed out to sea. The other is the Aquasmart XL, a remotely operated craft equipped with a camera, making visual inspection of infrastructure safer and more efficient. – Read more at:

Parrot Disco

For those just wanting to get started with the hobby, the new Parrot Disco is the drone to fly. This drone spells f-u-n and easy to use.

Parrot DIsco

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Like Parrot’s Bebop quadcopters and line of Minidrones, the Disco is designed to be something anyone can pick up and pilot — and it is. The lightweight fixed-wing aircraft (it’s less than 700 grams or 1.6 pounds) is made from flexible plastic foam with a single rear propeller strong enough to get the Disco up to about 50 mph (80 km) for flights up to 45 minutes. A system of sensors inside — accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS/GLONASS, plus a pitot tube for airspeed — helps newbie pilots stay in the air. – Read more at:

The Parrot Disco costs $1,299, and is available this September. For that price, you’ll get the Disco, Parrot’s Skycontroller 2 and its Cockpitglasses. The latter is a Gear VR-esque headset that offers a first-person view of what the drone’s camera sees. It also displays a radar and telemetric data so it’s as if you’re piloting from the Disco’s cockpit. Or as if you were a bird. – Read more at:

Watch the Parrot Disco in action below:

Lily Drone

The Lily drone has been created as an updated concept for the camera and uses smart technologies for capturing your every movement in the best way possible. When you throw the Lily Drone into the air, its sensors identify the action and the drone powers on, letting it hover in mid air and start recording you. With an approximately 20 minute flight time, the drone has a range of flying almost 100 feet away from the user and can be as close as 5 feet. – Read more at:

The tracking device has 4-hour battery life and charges via micro USB. It also comes with a microphone that records high quality sound which Lily automatically synchronizes with the video it records. If Lily runs out of power when it is in the air, the tracking device will send you pulse vibrations when the battery is running low. Nonetheless, if you don’t land it, Lily will smoothly land itself before running out of battery. – Read more at:

To date, the Lily Drone is yet to be released, by Winter 2016, after some delays.

DJI Phantom 4, considered as one of the best camera drones in the market today, and it’s great for both recreation (though pricey it is), as well as for providing fabulous drone photography services. It came out in the 1st quarter of 2016.

The Phantom 4 is a very polished drone compared with its competition, and those who have flown a quad before will have no trouble getting started with this one. The new Sport mode lets you get to your location faster or just have some fun. Its Obstacle Sensing System can help avoid head-on collisions as well as track subjects. Slow-motion video is a nice addition to an already excellent camera. – Read more at:

Features of the DJI Phantom 4

The $1,399 “flying camera” includes new obstacle-avoidance, follow-me, and tap-to-fly features, as well as a battery offering up to 28 minutes of flight and an improved 4K camera.

The new drone replaces the Phantom 3 Professional, which DJI will continue to sell and support, and which now costs $999, as the company’s top-of-the-line consumer model. – Read more at:

This article raves about the awesomeness of the DJI Phantom 4 with its great shot of orcas off the coast of New Zealand.

Coming soon is GoPro’s Karma drone.

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) will be launching its much-hyped Karma drones on 19th September according to latest tweet by the company. It has already started building buzz around the new product with a number of teaser videos which show some cool abilities. With the pending launch of Hero 5 cameras, the stock has a lot of upside as we enter the holiday season. – Read more at:

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