Caught In the Act by Drone

A drone flown in Tver, Russia, has managed to grab footage of a couple having sex in a church steeple, according to a recent report by the New York Daily News. The clip, which is only a minute long, ends with a third person walking into the picture and interrupting the fun, the report continued.

No, it is not the drone’s fault, and most likely, the drone pilot was caught by surprise as well. The place itself should have let the couple’s sensibilities take over their sense of adventure.

The passionate couple have not yet been identified but local reports suggested they could face a fine for hooliganism or even criminal charges for offending the Orthodox Church and its members. Read here:

See the video below:

While privacy concerns form part of the anti-drone advocates’ issues, a church steeple is never meant for โ€œsomeone’s private timeโ€ and it is unfair to allude that Nowhere is safe now that drones are flying about โ€” not even church, as one write-up said.

Fascination for drones is greatly due to their utilization for rendering awesome footages of beautiful sceneries, landmarks, and social events. Hence, the demand for professional drone photography services is on the rise.

A wedding image captured by drone

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Yet, accidents do happen, such as this incident, which all the more feed the fears of some sectors and their non-support to the use of drones in the civilian world. But these accidents are often due to reckless handling by drone operators of their flying gadgets.

Hobby drones have become cheaper and more accessible, and indeed, drone flyers and owners, especially beginners, should get some drone flying training, and be observant of all safety rules and regulations.

On the other hand, people should also know their limits, and not desecrate places not meant for any private activities, drones or no drones flying about.


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