What’s Up for Drones?

The market for consumer drones keeps growing, especially as drones continues to attract buyers from all walks of life. So what’s up for drones? Where is the technology heading to?

Nowadays, mention the word drone and ordinary people will readily think of camera drones – unmanned aerial vehicles that can be fitted with cameras, thanks largely to DJI, the world’s largest drone maker.

DJI drones are popular among hobbyists who are into aerial photography, including those in commercial ventures providing aerial photo services. And recently, it has been reported that DJI is aiming higher, and is in the process of making drones that are not only meant to be glorified selfie sticks.

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Growth in the consumer-drone market is going to plateau in the next year, said Gerald Van Hoy, analyst at technology research firm Gartner Inc.
“There are a number of people who will buy one and they will not use it again,” Van Hoy said. “It is a novelty item for them, then it will go to their attic.” So Shenzhen-based DJI is pouring money into its development kit, which allows software developers to write their own applications for specific tasks, similar to the way Apple Inc. does for its iPhones. – Read more at:

In another report, developers are being challenged to look more closely at the opportunities that are emerging in many areas.

The drone industry comes with huge opportunities for businesses and drone operators, but developers have the responsibility to turn the technology into something that will be useful and financially beneficial to businesses while also ensuring safety. “As technology matures, drones will increasingly be defined as ‘laptops and GPUs that can fly’ instead of ‘aerial platforms that can take pictures,’ ” said John Laxson, software engineering manager for Kespry, a provider of automated drone systems. –
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A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors is already catering to a long list of clients in agriculture, land management, energy, and construction. Many of the vendors are smallish private companies and startups — although large defense-focused companies and industrial conglomerates are beginning to invest in drone technology, too. – Read more:

One Chinese electronics company has joined the list of drone makers, offering a competition to DJI.

Xiaomi’s unveiling of its first, astonishingly cheap drone last week marked a symbolic milestone for the fledgling technology. In recent years, the Chinese electronics company’s entrance has signaled a new technology’s turn to the mass market. […] But the release of Xiaomi’s drone, which starts at just 2499 yuan ($380), begs the question—can drones ever be mass-market products, fit for every household? Read more:

So from toy to tool, consumer drones have come a long way indeed and greater heights are still in store for the drone industry, as drone technolgy continues to advance.

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