The Growing Art of Drone Filmmaking

Aside from uav aerial photography services, drones continue to be in demand for filmmaking.

If you’re watching a drone video or film, you will already be in awe, but the guy behind it, or the creator of that video or film gets to experience the same thing and more, especially as he gets to mind safety flying rules.

Drone-based films are attracting more attention than ever. Filmmakers using drones admit there are still challenges to overcome in applying drone technology to filmmaking. It is an art that needs to be developed to its fullest potential.

Digital Trends interviewed Tim Cash, a filmmaker from Bend, Oregon, who has been using drones for music videos, but recently included some carefully crafted drone shots in his debut feature film which opens this summer.

How long have you been using drones in your work?

They’ve brought production values way up.”

It’s been exactly one year since I got the chopper. I use DJI’s Inspire 1 along with my iPad Air as the monitor and controls. I wasn’t impressed with drones until I saw what the Inspire 1 could do. […]

What impact have they had?

They’ve brought production values way up. Always going for the bigger-than-life look. […]

Drones produce such stunning footage that it must be hard to not use them during an outdoor shoot?

I’ve always been a variety guy. There’s a lot you can do with a drone but the trick is definitely not to overuse them.

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DJI’s Inspire 1 – great use for filmmaking

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On why filmmakers and photographers are getting drawn to using drones for their art:

While critics are weighing whether the drone buzz is gadget titillation or a true contribution to art, demand is picking up, said Matt Hindra, director of a video production company in Wainscott. “I have a lot of clients who are asking for aerials because they know the technology exists and because we live in such a beautiful place,” he said.Drones can switch up perspectives in new ways. For example, Mr. Hindra soon intends to play around with images of fishing. Instead of photographing the back of a fisherman looking out at the water, he plans to use a drone to capture the fisherman’s expression from the ocean side, just as he reels in his catch. – Read more here


One article also tries to present the potential of drone-based filmmaking, and how so far, drone films still have a lot more room to improve on techniques. The article also points out the need for film festivals to highlight the importance of drone art. Drones are big business, and they are poised to get bigger. Their surveillance capacity has already had a major impact on America’s foreign policy. Art made by and about drones is a useful tool for understanding this influence. Good drone art is necessary. – Read more at:


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