Droning of the Future

Drones have come a long way from being tools of warfare to friendly gadgets – as hobby flying toys, or must-haves for aerial photography services, as useful equipments with a wide range of applications, including agriculture, search-and-rescue, potential delivery services, and others. Drones, indeed, are here to stay.

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Yet, drones are coming back as warfare tools – of terrorism, this time. A report by Newsweek presents this real possibility of the now readily available hobby drone technology getting into the wrong hands and being used for malicious intent.

Thus, to counter such threat, a group of scientists at the UW-Madison has developed a bomb-sniffing drone technology, the same technology used at security checkpoints to scan luggage and shipping containers in airports, but the breakthrough for the UW-Madison scientists was making the radiation source small enough to mount on a drone.

On another level, a company has developed a system to detect and keep off the skies any unwanted drones – for safety purposes.

Digital Trends reported recently that: the company claims to have created the first effective tool so far that will help keep unwanted drones out of dangerous situations. With a team of MIT engineers and military minds powering its product, SkySafe takes drone safety very seriously. SkySafe is a complete drone detection system, not just the knock-out technology that grounds unwanted UAVs. – Read more at:

Here’s one of the latest uses of drone technology: helping keep electric power on.A report says that in Oklahoma, one electric company has found using drones helps during power outages during wind and ice storms.

The droning of the future is upon us – drones becoming an every day part of life – yet with all the pleasures and benefits people can derive from these sUAVs, dangers abound as well. Thus, the need to balance between letting the drone industry to grow as much as it should, while keeping the reins to protect it from being used for global terrorism and other risky purposes, is of utmost importance.


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