World’s First Drone Cafe Opens, and other News

In the world of consumer drones, nothing beats these young people’s creativity and vision. A group of Dutch students recently opened the world’s first drone cafe as part of a school project.

Yahoo News reported: The pop-up drone cafe will be serving up all weekend as part of celebrations for the “Dream and Dare” festival marking the 60th anniversary of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The 20 students behind the project, who spent nine months developing and building the autonomous drone, aim to show how such small inside craft could become an essential part of modern daily life. – Read more here:


Drone-carrying coffee — not the Blue Jay mentioned in this article

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The drone cafe is futuristic, and seems life a scene from a sci-fi film, but these students believe that one day, domestic drones will be a part of society … one day, a drone could be a friend, as mentioned in their presentation.

The drone, nicknamed Blue Jay, and which resembles a small white flying saucer with a luminescent strip for eyes, flies to a table and hovers as it takes a client’s order, who points to the list to signal what they would like.

“The blue eyes of the first drone load” up by scanning the list to register the order, said Ms Hartjes. “Once it’s fully loaded, then the order is ready. And another one comes with the order in a cup in the grip.” Read more at:


The students also believe indoor drones will benefit humankind in the near future: They believe indoor drones have many domestic applications. The team says such craft could be used to assist people with disabilities or the elderly. – Read more:


Meanwhile, in Kansas, the drone industry is moving at a slow pace, though people in the business believe the new industry is important to the state. See here:


A new drone technology has been developed in response to the growing global terrorism.

The proven detection technology that also can detect chemical and nuclear weapons and drugs was successfully miniaturized and designed to fly on small unmanned aircraft by Fusion Technology Lab (UW-Madison) graduate students about five months ago, according to Jerry Kulcinski, an emeritus professor of nuclear engineering and the lab’s director.

“They did something that has never been done before,” Kulcinski said. Read more at:


It seems what had been reported as a near-collision between a drone and a British Airways commercial plane did not really happen; that is, a drone was not involved. British authorities are speculating that they might have hit something a bit more harmless: a plastic bag. Read more at:


Using drones for providing drone photography services is a booming lucrative business. One man has been inspired to go into this, with not just profit in mind, but to educate others on drones’ benefits.

A FORMER gardener is hoping his new business will take off after deciding to take a career U-turn following open-heart surgery last year.

Simon Stickland from Great Sankey has launched a drone photography and filming business called Dragons Eye Filming after undergoing the life-saving operation. – Read more at:


Drones for aerial photography is indeed a thrilling, fascinating hobby or business, as it allows us to have an extraordinary peek at hard-to-reach places, or view scenes at breathtaking angles. Real estate marketing, social events (weddings) are some areas where drone photography is enjoying brisk business.



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