Drone Gets Shot Down by Wary Neighbor

The anti-dronists are at it again! That is, people who hate the sight of drones up in the skies, even though these small UAVs have the legal rights to fly, won’t hesitate to shoot down a drone when they see one. Just like what recently happened.

A drone was shot out of the sky in the 23000 block of Lauren Ln. in Edmond. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office says it was flying legally and now they are addressing new concerns when it comes to the growing number of drones in the air. – Read more at:

We were told that the person operating the drone was doing it for work. I believe he was surveying the house, possibly the gutters, they were doing some work on the home,” spokesperson Mark Opgrande for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office told KOKH. “Somebody thought that they didn’t know why the drone was there, thought they were spying, so the neighbor came out and shot it down.” – Read more at:

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There now exists a tug-of-war between legitimate drone flying and anti-dronists, and where to draw the line? There ought to be clear guidelines for non-droners to follow to prevent them from just shooting down any drones at random.

Nowadays, small private drones are required to be registered, and with that, comes along their owners right to fly these cool gadgets that just keep growing more popular and in demand, especially for drone photography services.

The happy ending is the shooter and the drone operator came into an agreement and with the repairs to be borne by the shooter.

This isn’t the first time a drone has been shot out of the sky by someone who suspects nefarious intent. In Kentucky, a man feared a drone was taking pictures of his daughters as they sunbathed. So he pulled out his gun and the drone fell to earth. He was charged with wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. A judge dismissed those charges. – Read more at:


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