Meet CRACUNS, the Amphibious Drone

Nowadays, when one thinks of drones, one easily pictures Hubsan X4 H107, or a Parrot AR, or any of the DJI’s Phantom drone series that those into uav aerial photography services are wont to use.
But here’s a new kind of drone developed which isn’t for hobbyists or for afficionados of aerial photography and videography, but rather for use in a variety of missions – definetely not for civilian use. Meet CRACUNS, the amphibious drone.
A team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory designed the CRACUNS (Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System) drone to withstand both underwater pressure and the corrosive effects of salt water. – Read more at:
The CRACUNS can stay underwater for months, waiting out of sight until it’s called to duty. When the machine does get deployed, it can swim up and fly into the air, just like any other quadcopter, according to this article.(Engadget)
Citing transforming desires from its backers, Johns Hopkins said it was compelled to manufacture a drone that could feasibly function underwater and in the air. To accomplish this, the APL worked closely with fabrication specialists at the university’s Research and Exploratory Development Department to develop a UAV body that wouldn’t require structural metal parts or machined surfaces. – See more:
To make that possible, the team needed to overcome two big challenges. First, the APL team leveraged advances in additive manufacturing and novel fabrication techniques available at the Laboratory’s extensive fabrication facilities. The team fabricated a lightweight, submersible, composite airframe able to withstand the water pressure experienced while submerged. – Read more:
CRANCUNS is definitely innovative, and so much like the stuff spy movies are made of. In fact, this article by Popular Mechanics says it is the James Bond-esque spy drone of the future. In addition, it proves that 3D-printing and drone tech can blend well to produce innovative products.
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