Fight Continues: Drones vs Anti-Drones

Watch out! For every drone flown, an anti-drone is out there to bring it back to the ground.
At least, that is what the proponents of the anti-drone technology would like it to be.

Here comes a bazooka, the latest addition to the growing list of anti-drone devices.

A British company has just unveiled a badass-looking bazooka that catches drones with a net and then parachutes them softly to the ground. […] Northumberland-based OpenWorks Engineering has just announced the SkyWall 100: a shoulder-mounted compressed-gas gun designed to physically stop drones hovering around. It weighs 10 kilos (22lbs).Read more at:

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The company is also announcing the SkyWall 200, a semi-permanent launcher mounted on a tripod and offers increased range over the SkyWall 100. The SkyWall 300 is a turret-like device designed to be permanently installed. The company says tracking and detection is built into the 300 and operators can control the device remotely.Read more at:

Supporters of the anti-drone technology fear the proliferation of drones in the skies mainly due to safety and privacy concerns. Never mind if drones are now getting more recognized for their benefits to almost any field of endeavor, including drone photography services, but anti-drone fans want to wipe the skies clear of small drones.

Here is one such incident that gives the shivers to ‘anti-dronists.’

Popular Science reported Mar. 8 that an anonymous YouTuber called Tollymaster recently uploaded a video of a modified DJI Phantom 2 drone which they claimed to have flown to upwards of 11,000 ft—or 2 miles—into the sky. DJI drones have software built-in that prevents them from flying through restricted airspace (such as airports), or above 1,500 feet, meaning the pilot presumably hacked into the device’s software and overrode the factory settings. Read more at:

As the article above says, flying a drone that high is a reckless act, and it’s imperative that all drone flyers be mindful, at all times, of the rules and regulations concerning the handling of their small UAVs; otherwise, according to James Davis of The Droneologist, “the legitimate, growing drone industry cannot advance as it should, the benefits of drone technology will be clouded with unwarranted fears that continue to tear at the seams, all due to the recklessness, irresponsibility of some drone owners/pilots. Drones do not bring danger. Irresponsible, wanton drone pilots do.”
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