Drone Racing Levels Up Aerial Sports

In the US, drones are almost becoming mainstream – they are almost everywhere – with their wide applications in many industries, including real estate marketing where drone photography services are in demand. Whether bringing about the good or the bad, drones have become part of the national conversation.

Now drones have entered as well in the field of aerial sports, and as such, raises it to a new level with drone racing fast becoming a new aerial sport.

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“The Phoenix Cup” a drone racing event, just concluded Saturday. If you’re thinking you’ve never heard of it, that’s because it’s brand new this year, but it’s also the largest drone racing course in the nation. For husband, father, businessman and student Dustin Pennington, it’s not often he gets to feel like a kid again, except when he’s here…Read more at:

“We’re hoping events like this can build the community and make people realize that drones aren’t as bad as everyone thinks,” Dustin Pennington said.Read more at:

Another drone racing event that also took place last weekend was the Drone Wars.

Welcome to the future of air racing! Yeah, Drone Wars, hosted by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, zoomed in on Saturday. The drones and their pilots took on the obstacle course in the massive hangar. But this year the newest extreme sport had a dizzying new twist: First person flying! – Read more at:

“While we’re all about history here, we want to embrace the future. We want to encourage young people to get involved in aviation and drones are going to be a big part of that” said Scott Slocum of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Read more:

Drone events like these, held in the spirit of fun, camaraderie and learning, are indeed excellent means to promote a positive impression of  drones to the public, and helps strengthen too the drone industry.

Here is another related drone event. Using remote-controlled quadcopters with onboard cameras and virtual reality goggles, pilots race the drones through complicated courses with hairpin turns, obstacles and precipitous drops. The first-person perspective lets spectators watching the race videos online feel as if they are in the cockpit too, racing at dizzying speeds of 80 mph or more. Read more at:



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