Unique, Fun, Strange Uses of Drones

As a sequel to a previous post, TOP DRONE APPLICATIONS, here are more drone applications, the unique, fun, even strange ways drones have been used so far.

Specifically in this post, The Droneologist presents a number of ways by which common drone applications have been given interesting twists by drone makers/owners.

Extreme Sports Photography
Drones are commonly used for fun aerial photography, or even considered by some for commercial drone photography services, such as in real estate marketing or social events like weddings. But they can also be used for capturing hard-to-get footage in extreme sports.

In 2013, a technology for that was started by Falkor Systems.
It’s hard to get awesome footage of certain extreme sports like street skating or parkour http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2015/10/26/Chasing-Amazon-Walmart-Takes-Skies– the athlete is often moving quickly and erratically, which makes it hard for a human cameraman to keep up. Sameer Parekh saw this problem and decided that drones would be the way to solve it. – Read more at:

With his Pet AR.Drone prototype, Parekh has proposed a quadrotor drone that uses artificially intelligent algorithms and depth motion-tracking cameras to follow a person from a safe distance and/or film the encounter. One method for doing so would involve the drone tracking a specific graphic on a user’s t-shirt. – Read more at:

Falkor System’s Pet AR. Drone

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A special way of taking one’s selfies or groupies is using a drone; thus you have the dronies.

Delivery of Engagement Rings, Flowers and More
Amazon’s plan of delivering goods to their customers is by now well-known and much awaited too. And last year, it was reported Walmart planned to follow suit, and applied for a permit to test drones for home delivery, curbside pickup and checking warehouse inventories.

But some drone owners have beaten the 2 giant companies to it. One creative guy wanted to impress his would-be fiancee by using a drone to fly the engagement ring to a San Francisco park where he was making his wedding proposal. – Read on and see what other items have been drone-delivered here.

Studying the Arctic Sea Ice
Zappa, an oceanographer at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, wants to understand the details of exactly how sea ice breaks up and melts, and he is going to call on a quintessentially 21st century technology to help him do it. Zappa is among a small group of scientists globally who are pioneering the use of “unmanned airborne systems”—or drones, to you and me—in a campaign to better understand Earth’s changing climate. – Read more at:

Smuggling of Goods
As with any thing good, abuses are made. Late last year, a drone meant to smuggle drugs and mobile phones to prisoners crashed in the prison yard.

A drone being used to deliver drugs and mobile phones to inmates at HMP Manchester crashed inside the prison. Smugglers attempted to deliver a parcel full of the contraband to prisoners at the jail – known as Strangeways. – Read more at:

These are just some of the interesting drone applications the world is seeing for the past years, though some have managed to do more drastic, dangerous things.

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