Google’s Project SkyBender Aims to Beam 5G Internet from Drones

Google’s Project SkyBender’s main goal: to beam highspeed 5G internet from their solar-powered drones. This is in addition to its earlier Project Loon, which also aims to provide a wireless internet access making use of balloons.

The search giant is reportedly testing multiple solar powered drones, and has been since last summer in a remote New Mexico airspace called the Spaceport Authority, according to the Guardian’s sources. The space was originally meant to house Virgin Galactic aircraft. […] Google is testing 5G wireless internet, which could transmit more than 40 times faster than our 4G LTE service. – Read more at:

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Based out of the site near the town called Truth or Consequences, Project SkyBender is using drones to experiment with millimetre-wave radio transmissions, one of the technologies that could underpin next generation 5G wireless internet access. High frequency millimetre waves can theoretically transmit gigabits of data every second, up to 40 times more than today’s 4G LTE systems. Google ultimately envisages thousands of high altitude “self-flying aircraft” delivering internet access around the world. – Read more at:

The SkyBender tests are the latest of several air- and space-based initiatives that Google is working on, including Loon, which uses air balloons to beam internet access down to earth, Project Titan, which uses drones to deliver internet access, and Project Wing, which involves drones delivering packages. – See more at:

Google is currently testing the technique with a new solar-powered drone called Centaur and other units made by a division known as Google Titan, which the company formed after it acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace in 2014. – Read more at:

Social media giant, Facebook, has a similar goal of bringing the internet to remote places through drones.
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