Fleye, World’s Safest Drone Goes On Kickstarter

A new drone project campaign is currently going on Kickstarter, and is described as the world’s safest drone. Fleye, also dubbed as “your personal flying robot” has already garnered 170 backers, with 40 days to go in the campaign.

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Digital Trends reports that a Belgium-based startup has designed what it’s claiming is “the world’s safest drone.” The flying machine landed on Kickstarter this week and sports a unique design that means anyone touching it mid-flight can do so secure in the knowledge that no part of their anatomy is at risk of being inadvertently sliced off. – Read more:

The Fleye will be controlled via an iOS or Android app with four flying modes including selfie, panorama, hover and manual. In selfie mode, the drone will record 1080p video (30 fps) while flying toward you. In manual, you can program a route and the drone will fly it autonomously. It’s even smart enough to react to and avoid obstacles it may encounter along the path. – Read more at:

On the campaign’s Kickstarter site, the developers say they want to reinvent the drone as a kind of  futuristic flying robot – At Fleye, we dream of small, autonomous, flying machines floating around us and helping us in our daily lives. The kind of flying robot we were dreaming about as children when reading Sci-Fi comic books. – Read more here:

The Fleye’s design is such that it looks like a giant flying marshmallow with its one-of-a-kind spherical, soccer ball design and enclosed propeller which makes it safe, easy to navigate and suited for use close to people and indoors, an article on EU.Startups says. Fleye cofounder, experienced engineer Laurent Eschenauer, said: “Although drones are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, the lack of safety standards and regulations in the industry are still the elephant in the room. We realised that the classic drone design has many shortcomings and decided to go back to the drawing board to create Fleye, the next-generation drone that can exist in perfect harmony with people.” – Read more at:

This drone will be great for capturing great photos and videos as it says on the campaign site, so it will also work well for those in the business of offering awesome drone photography services.

However, some online commenters say while they’d love to have this drone, they find the price too steep. The 600 dollar kickstarter special price was justifiable as a way to support the developers, but the risk of not receiving anything destroys that option for me personally, says one Reddit user.

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