Largest, Fastest Drone is 3D -Printed!

What happens when 2 of today’s rapidly growing technologies merge? A 3D-printed drone which happens to be the world’s largest and fastest ever – a portent of things to come in this highly technological age.

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The rapidly advancing industries of 3D printing and drone technology continue to innovate at breakneck speeds, and just this past weekend, a group of engineers raised the bar even higher. During an exhibition at the Dubai Airshow, researchers from the aviation company Aurora Flight Sciences and the professional 3D printing firm Stratasys Limited officially unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed jet-powered aircraft. Weighing in at a massive 33 lbs., the UAV flies at an astounding 150 miles per hour, making it the world’s fastest and largest 3D-printed drone. Read more:

The drone is believed to be the fastest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever assembled, reaching a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Dan Campbell, an aerospace research engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences, said in a video that the goal of the project was to show aerospace companies how 3D printing can speed up the process of building a UAV. – Read more at:

Watch the video of the Aurora Flight Science UAV below:

Aurora Flight Sciences says build time was cut in half by using 3D printing technology from Stratasys. Aurora used a special material from Strarasys called ULTEM, which that meets the flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements set by the FAA. Beyond its capability of being formed using a 3D printing process, ULTEM is also strong and lightweight, making it ideal for aerospace applications. This particular unmanned craft has a large wingspan of 9 feet, but it weights only 33 lbs. – Read more at:

The possibility may still be remote for drone enthusiasts to be using a 3D-printed drone for their aerial photography services, but  it does sound fantastic.


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