Implications of Drone Registration for Drone Industry

The federal government’s proposal to require recreational drones to be registered is being met with apprehension among drone users and advocates.

The rules are far from final, having only just been proposed by the Department of Transportation, and everything from costs, fines, enforcement and exceptions have yet to be hammered out. But for some involved with the hobby, the mere prospect of having to register rubs them wrong way. – Read more at:

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According to the above news, the country’s biggest model aircraft and drone hobby organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautic, wants to ensure any rule requiring registration is a reasonable one. It is among the members of the task force set up by the the Department of Transportation to work on the details.

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta has urged a task force to “think outside the box” as it ponders ways to set up a national registration system for recreational drones. […]In prepared remarks, Huerta said there have been too many close calls between airplanes and small unmanned aircraft, and registration of drones is one way to keep the skies near airports safer. “No one wants to see this promising technology overshadowed by an incident or accident that could easily be avoided.” – Read more at:

One article presents some of the proposed drone registration rules’ implications on the nascent drone industry.
One of the consensus concerns was overburdening consumers. “There is the risk that this a federal registry could be bad for the industry overall by being overly broad, e.g. requiring every kid with a toy drone to be on a federal list,” said Daniel Castro, vice president of industry lobby The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.
Another concern raised was on privacy.
A national registry has serious implications for privacy,” Castro argued. “Journalists may want to use drone photography to investigate government or industry corruption, or citizen journalists may want to use drones as part of a protest.” – Read more at:

Using drones for providing great aerial photography services is just one of the many popular uses of drones that is beneficial. However, it is clear that there is ongoing battle between  supporters of drone technology and anti-drone advocates. Anti-drone technologies are on the rise, and lawmakers and media contribute to instilling negative reactions towards the use of drones.

See this about one anti-drone technology.

The Drone User Group Network, an advocacy group dedicated to safe and responsible use of UAS (Unmanned Autonomous Systems) for personal and commercial purposes, through its president, Steve Cohen, would like to highlight the benefits that drones have: Drones are an educational resource that promotes learning of Physics, Engineering, Radio Frequency Theory, Systems Integration and all other manner of relevant career based opportunities. In response to proposed laws by several lawmakers outlawing the use of drones, (California and New Jersey, for example) he says this is akin to making steak knives illegal because they could cut someone.



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