Drone Flown Over Macy’s Parade

A consumer drone was flown over Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, a big no-no according to FAA rules.

The New York Daily News said a father and son from Russia were arrested Thursday after they steered a small drone over the floats, balloons and marching bands of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, police said. – Read more:

Another source said the man’s drone was confiscated as police spoke to him and his son, taking the two from the parade route to the 20th precinct stationhouse, sources say and video shows. Sources said the man claimed he didn’t know about the law forbidding the drone flight.  – Read more at:

See the video here:

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The drone was confiscated by police, but later returned after concluding there was no nefarious intent, a report by abc7NY said.

Incidents like this have given drones unwarranted negative impression on some sectors, including media and the public. It has also been the basis of a series of proposed bills calling for drone regulation, as well as the proposed FAA requirement for drone registration.

Drones are increasingly becoming a favored gadget for taking cool footage as a personal hobby or for those providing aerial photo services.  They also have a growing number of useful applications, but some capitalize on incidents of drones running afoul with the law in order to spread fear and misinformation.


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